Mission Statement

The Bolognese Club of Canada (BCOC); to encourage and promote excellence in the breeding of purebred Bolognese in Canada and else where, and

  • to unify breeders and maintain one breeding standard of the Bolognese as per the official Fédération Cynologique Internationale (FCI/196); the club will support and share ‘best practices’ that will protect and advance the interests of the Bolognese;
  • the club will provide member-breeders with information and support with regards to individual breeding matches;
  • the club will adhere to high standards of ethical breeding as per the clubs Code of Ethics;
  • the club will maintain its own registry and provide certification of each registration;
  • the club will promote to members and non-members responsible ownership;
  • the club will provide ongoing guidance with regards to care, grooming, breeding, show competitions and overall care.

In order to achieve these objectives the BCOC has established the
Bolognese Advisory Committee (BAC) that will guide the Board by:

  1. providing support and guidance with regards to proposed reproduction
    programs by owners, ‘best possible matches’;
  2. provide advice on measures to enhance the gene pool in Canada and else
    where with regards to possible lines to import;
  3. assist with the ongoing development of club guidelines; and
  4. provide a broad-spectrum of informational assistance where possible.
  5. We encourage Bolognese enthusiasts to join us in our pursuit of these